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Hua Hin Property Buyers’ Guide

Hua Hin is home to the most popular beach resort in Thailand and being just 200km from its capital, Bangkok, it’s a great location to buy a property. Before you go ahead and begin to search, though, you should understand the area and what properties are available first.

This guide outlines the history, geography, culture and weather of Hua Hin as well as who it would be ideal for. It then explains the types of properties that are available and outlines a couple of factors to consider when moving. This should help you better understand your own requirements when you’re looking for properties in this area.

What is Hua Hin Like?

One of the most popular tourist spots in Thailand, the Hua Hin district is one of eight districts in the Prachaup Khiri Khan Province which is in the northern part of Thailand’s Malay Peninsula. Here’s some essential information on the area for those looking to purchase a property in Thailand:


1834: A group of farmers moved south to get away from drought and came across a small village with glistening white sand and rows of rocks. They named it Samore Riang which means ‘Rows of Rocks,’ a name which would alter over the next century.

1921: Prince Krom Phra Naresworarit built a group of palaces at Ban Laem Hin, calling the beaches surrounding it Hua Hin. King Prajadhipok (Rama VII) liked the beaches so much that he built palaces there called Klai Kang Won, ‘Far From Worries.’

1949: Hua Hin became a separate district of Prachuap Khiri Khan and over the following half-century, it grew in popularity, becoming the most popular beach resort in the country. From 2014 to 2019, the amount of foreign and Thai visitors to the region increased by 6% each year!


Hua Hin is in a great location seeing as it’s only 200km (125 mi) from Bangkok. It’s located in the northern part of the Malay Peninsula and in the middle of the ‘Thai Riviera’ which stretches between Chumphon in the south to Phetchaburi in the north. Like its surrounding districts, it spans from the eatern-most border through to the sea which is the country’s natural eastern border.

Plus, it’s a seaside town which means that there are a lot of activities to get involved in. At Takiab Bay, visitors can take a seaside horse ride and visit a hilltop Buddhist temple with amazing views.

Pala-U waterfall is close by, located in Kaeng Krachan national park, which is known for butterfly watching. This is also the highest waterfall in the country, consisting of 15 levels. Chonlanark is another beautiful waterfall site where an impressive number of exotic bird species reside.


Given Thailand’s extensive and complex history, there are various elements to Hua Hin’s culture. For instance, there is the Centara Grand Beach and Villas which are built in the style of the colonial era despite being created in the early twentieth century. Those wishing to understand traditional Thai life should visit the Plearn Wan Museum which is a small open-air complex of museums designed in the style of a classic Thai village.

There are also some interesting temples nearby. The temple of Wat Huay Mongkol has the huge statue of Luang Pu Tuad monk which is the largest of its kind, attracting hundreds of tourists per day asking him to realise their dreams.


In Hua Hin, the year begins with the dry season from December to April when temperatures gradually rise. From 1981 to 2010, April had the highest average temperature at 33.6°C. Monsoons are common in May for a brief period before easing up from June to August when temperatures are at their highest.

The heaviest rain occurs from September to November, with October having the highest average rainfall at 9.69 inches. This is more than the averages of September and May combined which are the second and third highest months.

Who Would Hua Hin Be Ideal For?

One of the attractions of Hua Hin is that it’s a place that’s suited for a broad range of people. With a district population of just over 60,000 covering 352 square miles, it’s large enough to provide lots of options and opportunities but small enough to be manageable and relaxing.

Given that Thailand has a low living cost compared to the UK, it would be a great opportunity for young families and it would be an amazing experience for your children growing up. In a similar sense, it would also be ideal for expatriates and people who have retired. The lower cost of living would make it a much more affordable option than other abroad destinations.

It would also be an ideal place for anybody looking to buy a holiday home abroad because there is such a variety of activities to do, sights to see and places to relax.

Properties in Hua Hin

There are a number of areas of Hua Hin that you could buy or rent property in and there are a number of different types of properties to choose from. It’s essential, then, to understand the differences between these before making any decisions.

What the Available Properties Are Like

Properties in Thailand are quite varied, especially depending on the individual’s personal wealth. In general, though, you’ll be choosing between three different types of property:

Developments: These are smaller properties, ideal for two to three people. This makes them a good option if you’re looking for a semi-permanent residence or a holiday home. They‘re usually created within a pre-developed community so you’ll make friends with neighbours and community members quickly.

Houses: By contrast, houses are good for anybody looking to live in the region on a more permanent basis. Luckily, there is a large market to both rent and buy houses in Hua Hin. Typically, these houses have three bedrooms and two bathrooms and many come with a pool or a patio given the warm climate.

Apartments and Condos: These types of property are specifically made for smaller living situations, usually for one to two people. They often have a lot of the amenities that come with developments, such as private balconies, patios, fitness centres and markets.

Where To Buy a Property

If you’re looking for good connections to tourist destinations then South Hua Hin is ideal because it’s close to key spots like Suan Son, Paknampran and Takaib. Because of this, there is more advanced health care in the south. Alternatively, the north side of Hua Hin, including Bofai and Sammor Phrong, has experienced drastic economic development. High-rises are being developed at an increasing rate.

The west side of Hua Hin has been subject to huge infrastructure and property developments for the past decade. For example, the new road linking the Soi 112 (south) and Soi 88 (west) to the new Royal Park has brought economic prosperity to the region. This makes it a more cost-effective area to purchase property.

If you’re looking for a property overlooking the sea then central Hua Hin is probably your best bet. However, a lot of these properties will be older and there won’t be as much choice if you choose to buy or rent in this area. Yet, it’s a great option if you’re looking for more of a traditional and historic property.

What To Consider When Moving

The first thing you’ll want to consider is that when you buy property in Thailand, you actually buy a lease for the property as opposed to buying the rights for the land the property sits on. Luckily, Hua Hin has longer lease periods of 30 years and typically the authorities renew this twice, giving you 90 years to enjoy your property. However, if you’re looking to pass your property on through the family then this may be tricky given the country’s leasing and landowning regulations.

Very recently, the Thai central bank has eased its restrictions on property mortgages in an attempt to prop up the country’s fragile economy. The loan-to-value ratio limit has been increased from 70-90% to 100% which will apply to all housing loan contracts, including refinancing.

For the many reasons outlined above, it’s a great time for you to invest in Hua Hin property. Not only does it have a rich history and a range of property styles to choose from but there’s plenty to do in the area, regardless of whether you’re a young family, a retired expatriate or just looking to buy a holiday home!
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