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Costa Blanca Property Buyers’ Guide

Attracting millions of visitors every year, Costa Blanca (meaning white coast) extends over 200 kilometres along the Mediterranean coast. Well-known for the vibrant town of Benidorm, the region is a firm favourite for those looking to retire in a sunny spot or enjoy summer memories in a glorious second home.

If you’re on the hunt for a property in Costa Blanca then you’ll be spoilt for choice. With both rural and bustling areas to explore, the background to this gorgeous region is full of rocky bays, mountains and the beautiful sea. Who wouldn’t want a second home in the midst of all this?

Since the 1960s, when the region began to pick up with tourists, Costa Blanca has continued to be a hotspot for young families seeking a holiday home in a sunny climate as well as those retiring.

If you’re ready to begin your Costa Blanca property search here’s all you need to know about moving to the area.

What do you need to know about buying a second home in Costa Blanca?

Costa Blanca has a resort to suit every taste. From the most bustling and cosmopolitan spots such as Alicante itself to the rural fishing villages and the quieter locations that have become the ideal haven for rest and relaxation throughout the year.

Costa Blanca has plenty to offer all kinds of buyers. Full of villas, apartments and houses the residential property market is full of great investment properties where you and your family can see out years of happy memories in the sun.

Here are some of the most important things that you need to know about buying a second home in Costa Blanca.

Where is Costa Blanca?

Costa Blanca, not to be confused with Costa Del Sol, stretches across the Mediterranean coastline on the southeastern coast of Spain. Areas such as Valencia city are beautiful places to explore but across this region, there are plenty of charming villages and very popular locations including Benidorm and Alicante.

Whether you’re seeking laidback living or somewhere that’s a little more lively during the summer, buying a second home in Costa Blanca is a great choice. According to the local tourism authority, Costa Blanca is full of "unforgettable beaches and coves, beautiful coastal mountain ranges and infallible sun make the Costa Blanca a paradise all year round".

What to expect living in Costa Blanca?

Buying a second home is not an easy decision and living in a new country can be very different from visiting on holiday. However, Costa Blanca is a solid choice for all kinds of property buyers as long as you make an informed decision about which area is best for you.

In this region, you can expect vibrant towns, affordable housing and award-winning beaches that are perfect for families. There is also a vast amount of natural surroundings including valleys, mountains and vineyards so you can slip away from the bustling strips and relax. Retired couples and young buyers alike will feel comfortable in Costa Blanca.

With the large numbers of people from all over the world choosing Costa Blanca as their second home, living in the region has something for everyone. Spain is welcoming to all international residents so there are plenty of opportunities to emerge yourself in true Spanish culture as well as tuck yourself away in your own haven.

What is the weather like?

One of the main reasons why people buy second homes abroad is to benefit from the amazing weather. In Costa Blanca you can expect highs of over 30 degrees during the peak months of July and August with clear skies and calm seas - warm temperatures can continue well into the middle of October.

If you want to leave behind your usual wet and dreary weather, April may be the perfect time to head over to your second home in Costa Blanca where you can enjoy pleasant temperatures with only occasional rain. In spring the average temperature is around 19 degrees.

Who doesn’t enjoy great weather? Buying a second home in Costa Blanca, whether that’s for retirement or as a family retreat, means you are guaranteed nice weather.

Where to buy properties

Costa Blanca is a hub for holiday homes. Its hot climate, inviting atmosphere and pleasant towns provide plenty of options for buying your second home. So, what kind of lifestyle are you looking to enjoy? There are both tranquil and lively areas within the region so think carefully about where you’ll feel most at home.

It’s also important to know that there’s a difference between the Northern and Southern areas of Costa Blanca. In the South, the terrain is flat and you can find beaches, lovely apartments and busier areas. On the other hand, in the North, you’ll notice a change in the terrain including mountains and greenery that are great for people who enjoy walking.

Here are a few more details on the most popular areas in Costa Blanca:

  • Alicante - For property in Spain that is close to the beach, Alicante is the place to be. The area suits all ages as it’s the perfect blend of old world and new. Head to the beach or experience the contemporary shops, bars and restaurants that are just a stone's throw away.
  • Benidorm - As the largest and the most developed resort in Costa Blanca, it’s a thriving holiday location as well as a popular spot for second homes. If you enjoy socialising, entertainment and want to be in the thick of it then living in Benidorm could be a great choice for you - it’s particularly popular among families. On the other hand, the old town attracts an older clientele with its boutiques, parks and traditional tapas.
  • Altea - If you like the finer things in life Altea is an up-market resort that’s perfect for couples. The picturesque harbour is attractive to visitors all year round and with a second home in this area, you’ll feel relaxed in this sleepy yet charming resort. The promenade is lined with cafes and restaurants as well as Spanish architecture and the narrow, cobbled streets of the old town.

Finding a local area that appeals to you is a very important part of your buying decision. Always do your research and find out more about nearby amenities, community and more to find a spot that suits you perfectly.

The types of properties available

Where you decide to buy will depend on a few things including the type of lifestyle you enjoy, who you’re moving with and of course, the type of property you’re interested in.

The types of typical properties you can buy in Costa Blanca:

  • Apartments - If you’re a couple looking for a starter property or somewhere that’s in the heart of one of the towns, an apartment is a great choice. There are some beautiful apartments including those with incredible beach views, mountain landscapes as well as modern buildings with a range of amenities such as private and shared rooftop pools.
  • Villas - A villa offers a luxurious home away from home for your time spent in Spain. They often come with a private pool, spacious grounds and plenty of room outside although there are also more minimalist options available too. Additionally, villas tend to be in more rural areas so if you’re seeking privacy this type of property could be right for you.
  • Houses - If you plan on spending most of the year in Costa Blanca and you have a young family, then you’ll want to be comfortable. Purchasing a house will provide you with enough space in terms of bedrooms and even a garden where you can sunbathe, have fun with your kids or enjoy a barbeque or two! Houses are also ideal for those with a car.

What do you need to move to Costa Blanca?

Costa Blanca may be your favourite holiday destination but before you think about searching for a property you also need to consider other admin that needs to be done, including:

  • Visas & work permits if necessary.
  • Organise your pension.
  • Find a conveyor that has a good understanding of Spanish land law.
  • Prepare for your Spanish mortgage as soon as you can so you can negotiate with sellers.
  • Find an international removal company that can ship your items to Spain.

Buying a second home internationally does require a little more planning than regular moves or property purchases so it’s always best to get things sorted as soon as possible. Before long you’ll be enjoying your new Spanish home.

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